Google+ Opens Up Custom URL’s to More Users

Google seems to be making their Google+ social network more user friendly this week by allowing more users to create a custom/vanity URL for their profile. Only a few weeks ago, when delivering a presentation, my Google+ profile URL look incredibly out of place when listed next to my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other Social […]

Instagram Ads – Coming to a smart phone near you soon!

Loving my new WordPress theme – so many new things to play with… I might just have to start blogging again!

3 (Hutchison 3G UK) – Worst Customer Service Award

I’ve been a customer of 3 for many, many years – in fact I was a customer of 3 right back when they came along to the UK market and were really just Orange, with a different operator name displayed on your handset!  I’ve been such a fanboy of 3 that I’d recently worked my […]

Enabling Remote Access on Ubuntu 11.04

I had recently moved my Ubuntu 11.04 “server” away from my work area where it was running via a bridged wifi connection from my main workstation and installed it in the living room, plugging it directly into the ADSL router.  This gives me the advantage that other PC’s and Android devices on the LAN could […]